competition team information


About The Team

Entry into competitive program is by teacher invitation and audition only. 

Competition and workshop dates will be announced at our competition parent meeting in December. All competition students must attend at least one workshop. Attendance is mandatory for all competitions and workshop requirements are strictly enforced.

Ballet classes, Technique ballet class and/or Performance Ballet class and summer classes are mandatory for all competition students. 

Competitive team students who wish to take a private lesson may submit a request when registering for the dance season. We cannot promise to honor all requests. Private lessons and optionals begin in October. 

We give make-ups for private lessons when we receive advance notification of the absence. Staff reserves the right to approve all private routines for competition.


For all competitions, we will post the schedule in the studio lobby and will e-mail to parents as well. Times are set by the competition, we can in no way can change, or revise this schedule.


We will distribute all costumes well in advance of  the first competition (all accounts must be current). While we do our best to fit each student, adjustments to costumes may be needed. We do have a seamstress that is willing to help in any way (additional charges will apply).

Day Of Competition

All performers must be in full costume, warmed up and ready to perform 1 1⁄2 hours before their scheduled performance. It is not fair to students/parents that follow this rule and have others walk in at the last minute. Please have your child prepared to have the best performance they can. Running in late and getting ready late can be very stressful. If you are doing hair and makeup at the venue, please arrive in time for makeup and hair to be done and ready to dance 1 1⁄2 hours before. Please see hair and makeup guidelines below.

You may not see your teachers often as we may be backstage with other students. Please work as a team and with the class intern, if there is one for your child’s class. Make sure everyone looks alike and they have practiced before heading backstage at least 3 numbers before theirs.

Please change in the same dressing room if possible. This will keep everybody organized and together.

DO NOT VIDEOTAPE at any competitions. This is not allowed and may disqualify the dance or studio. Videotapes are usually available for purchase.

Elite Team Spirit

Please support our studio by having students wear team suits. Jackets are to be worn on stage for awards.

A Final Note...

We expect great sportsmanship and attitude at all dance events. Nothing less will be tolerated. We are a team and a family. Enjoy these experiences with one another!

the total look - hair guidelines


  •  Hair must be clean, washed and “STRAIGHT"
  • Use a strong hairbrush to get a smooth, sleek look with no bumps or waves 
  •  Apply lots of hair gel, BED HEAD Hair Manipulator, so that hair is straight
  • Use as many bobby pins as needed to help secure hair. (match hair color)
  • Spray with heavy duty hairspray. Aquanet hair spray is still one of the best
  • Spray hair after every costume change, no flyaways


  • Part hair on left, center of eyebrow


  • Start with a low pony tail, (have elastic match hair shade). When changing hair styles,
    you may see the elastic
  • Twist hair all the way to the end and wrap around elastic
  • Bobby pin several, several times
  • Secure with a hairnet

FRONT RAISED STYLE (13 and up, some exceptions)

  • Take top part of hair and pull straight
  • Bobby pin the top of hair with a poof look
  • Slick remaining hair back and secure in a middle pony tail


  •  Part hair on left, center of eyebrow
  •  Braid front section of hair over to the right side

Remember these are just guidelines. See additional information from teachers as to preference of routine. You may have several hair style changes. This is to have the “TOTAL LOOK” complete for each routine. If student has short hair, to make things easier, please grow hair at least shoulder length for competition hair styles if possible.) Large bobby pins will be needed for wigs, hats, hair accessories. Plan accordingly.

The Total Look - Makeup guidelines

• Apply foundation (should match your skin color. Please work into neck for a clean, finished look).

• Apply translucent powder, to set the foundation and reduce shine. • Apply blush, brown/pink tone.
• Reapply translucent powder to set blush.
• Use eyelash curler to open up the eyes.

• Apply eye shadow, see diagram (earth tones are usually used) May change per routine.

• Apply and shape eyebrows using an eyebrow liner and eyebrow comb. The eyes hold all expression.

• Apply eye liner on top and bottom of eyes. (liquid eye liner may be easier to apply to younger dancers on the top of eyes). Black.

• Apply one coat of black mascara (water proof).
• If eyelashes are used, apply eyelashes with adhesive glue. • Apply a 2nd coat of mascara. This really sets the eyes.
• Apply lip liner so lips are full and not messy looking.
• Apply lipstick. Shade to be determined by teacher.

Again, these are guidelines. As dancers get older, there may be some changes. Dance is an expression and makeup on stage is so important. Sometimes the lights can drown out facial features. Please have makeup be a little heavier. Practice, practice, practice. Do not wait for the day of competition to work with hair and apply makeup. Some dancers will dance early in the morning and you need to have this down before those early morning hours.

Additional Information

  • Buy your eyelashes, hair products and makeup as soon as possible before they are hard to find.
  • Hats on younger dancers must have a clear elastic band attached (see teacher if you have any questions)
  • Only competition jewelry to be worn. (Medic ID is an exception)
  • Bring all pieces to each costume. Be prepared and organized!
  • No nail polish
  • Aspirin is always a good idea
  • Don't forget common cold medicine, Dramamine or Immodium or similar products for nausea, etc. for stage fright, etc.
  • Please be careful of tan lines. Cover with makeup if possible.

Don't forget: 

  • Clear deodorant
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Makeup remover for errors or makeup changes
  • Extra tights

Again, if you are going to get dressed and made up at competition, please plan accordingly. Otherwise, be ready to dance with full costume, makeup and hair, 1 1/2 hours before performance time. NO exceptions!
If there is a problem, we will have a phone list to call.

Additional Items To Bring

• Kleenex
• First aid kit
• Screwdriver (for tap shoes)
• Duct Tape (for tap shoes)
• Rosin (may be provided at comp)
• Iron
• Hair straightener
• Hot glue gun

• Vaseline
• Baby powder (to help get gloves and costumes on)
• Qtips
• Cotton balls
• Adhesive glue for eyelashes and rhinestones (if needed)

•  Nail polish remover

• Clear nail polish for runs in tights that can not be seen

• Emergency sewing kit with safety pins, needles, thread, buttons, etc.

• Hairspray, bobby pins, elastics, gel, makeup, comb, brush, etc.

• Back up CD or iPod with music on to practice

• Camera

Bring healthy snacks and water for nourishment, such as: fruit, yogurt, sandwiches. (make sure to eat regardless of nerves.) Eat a light breakfast the day of competition, even if its a meal replacement bar. The body of a dancer is our tool and we need to be strong and energized for the week- end. Make sure to have a cover up on when eating in costume. No greasy, messy food. If eating in costume, please use cover up and be careful!